Divi-Key to invest in technology

Digi-Key has been awarded a tax abatement for some of its property in Fargo, N.D.
According to Rick Trontvet, vice president, Administration and Human Resources at Digi-Key, Digi-Key is making a significant technology investment in its Fargo Product Distribution Center facility, so that the company can test some new order fulfillment equipment that it may be using in the future.  
In light of this investment, Digi-Key recently asked the City of Fargo for some property tax relief, using an existing City of Fargo tax abatement program.  
Trontvet said Digi-Key was happy to learn this week that its application was approved and they were awarded a 10-year abatement of some of its property tax to help offset some of its investment costs. 
As part of its application process, Trontvet said the City of Fargo wanted to know how many jobs would be created in Fargo in the coming years. Trontvet said they indicated that Digi-Key will likely be adding approximately 50 jobs to its Fargo facility over the next five years. Trontvet added, however, that Digi-Key is presently and will continue to be aggressively hiring in Thief River Falls to fill many open positions, not only in its Product Distribution Center (order fulfillment operation) but also many other positions in sales and other roles that need to be filled in Thief River Falls.  “We are as committed to Thief River Falls and our main campus here as we’ve ever been, as this is our headquarters and the primary facility where the focus of our hiring is and will continue to be.”