Oklee man enters guilty pleas in standoff case

Eric James Reinbold

by April Scheinoha

    Guilty pleas were entered Wednesday, June 22 in the case of an Oklee man involved in a domestic disturbance that later led to a 12-1/2 hour standoff last year.
    Eric James Reinbold, 39, pled guilty to felony second degree assault and misdemeanor child endangerment, according to Assistant Pennington County Attorney Steve Moeller. Sentencing has been set for Friday, Sept. 30.
    Reinbold had initially been charged with three counts of felony second degree assault. According to the complaint, he blocked his wife and children’s exit from their property while he was armed with a handgun June 11, 2015. The incident led to a standoff with law enforcement from three counties. At a court hearing shortly after the incident, a no contact order was lifted between Reinbold and his wife and children at her request. The case was set to go to trial the day that Reinbold entered his guilty pleas.
    According to the complaint: The charges stemmed from an incident at the Reinbold home at 10583 340th Ave. S.E. in rural Pennington County. Lissette Reinbold later told a deputy that they argued regarding her plans to shop in Grand Forks, N.D., with their two kids. She said he later blocked her vehicle with his own vehicle. At the time, he was armed with a black handgun, which he carries all of the time.
    A postal carrier saw Eric Reinbold ramming Lissette Reinbold’s vehicle three to four times in their driveway while it was occupied by the wife and two children. He later saw Lissette Reinbold drive out of the driveway with her husband chasing her with his pickup truck. At a crossing, Eric Reinbold turned around and Lissette Reinbold continued on her way.
    Eric Reinbold also called 911, saying that his wife “was either ‘disturbed’ or ‘on pills’ and that she had their children in the car.” He said she had thrown a knife at him and their daughter a night earlier. He said she was driving westbound on Center Street and may now possess a knife.
    Lissette Reinbold later told a deputy that her husband said he planned to call the cops to have her arrested that morning. She didn’t know why, and she also didn’t know that he had, in fact, called 911.
    After arriving at the home, a deputy found Eric Reinbold, who was hiding in a wooded area near his home. He said he didn’t want to be arrested and had earlier tried to place his wife under citizen’s arrest. He said the postal carrier had seen what had happened.
    The deputy told Eric Reinbold that he wasn’t under arrest and asked him to exit the wooded area to talk. At one point, he said he was armed and refused to leave without his weapon.
    The deputy moved to a safer location and called for assistance. He continued to try to convince Eric Reinbold to put down his weapon and talk with him in the yard. However, he failed to cooperate and later stopped communicating with the deputy, which led to the standoff.
    Authorities were unable to make contact with Eric Reinbold, who was believed to be in the area. Later that day, they entered the couple’s home. He was nowhere to be found. The standoff ended at about 11 p.m. June 11, 2015, due to darkness. Two days later, Eric Reinbold turned himself in at the Law Enforcement Center.