Norskies GM McCallum resigns

The Thief River Falls Norskies announced earlier today that team founder and general manager Kevin McCallum has resigned. 
McCallum’s family and fiancée all reside in Thunder Bay, Ontario. While the Norskies franchise and operation were going very well, McCallum has realized the importance of being near family and will leave Thief River Falls to reside in Thunder Bay. 
Members of the Thief River Falls Norskies ownership group expressed their appreciation for McCallum’s hard work and the success he brought the organization. 
“Kevin was the visionary and the leader that made the Norskies possible,” said owner David Beito. “Without  Kevin, I doubt that Junior A hockey would ever have come to Thief River Falls.”
“Kevin’s knowledge of hockey and this league will be sorely missed by our organization,” said owner Tim Bergland. “At the same time, we support keeping close to family and understand Kevin’s decision.”
Owner Jodi Holen added, “Kevin has enabled us to bring an important opportunity to young men that want to continue their hockey careers beyond high school. He has been instrumental in establishing a team with strong operations and it is difficult to see him move on. We will miss his leadership in the front office.”
McCallum remains in the Norskies ownership group and will be advising the team going forward.