TRF has three medalists at Section 8A meet

Three Thief River Falls swimmers came away with top-eight finishes at the Section 8A meet in Grand Rapids Friday, Nov. 10 and Saturday, Nov. 11. 
Senior Marley Nelson finished in third place in the 100 breastroke with a time of 1:10.60. She missed a second  consecutive trip to state by six one-hundredths of a second as she was edged by runner-up Maija Hovelsrud of Park Rapids (1:10.54). Winning the event was Sydney Gulon of Detroit Lakes, who finished with a time of 1:08.56. 
"This was a heartbreaking race for Marley," said Head Coach Danielle Spiten. "She lost the state spot by just .06 seconds.  That is nothing in swimming. She did an amazing job in a tough event. She finished her high school swimming career knowing that she worked hard, was a great leader, and a once in a lifetime kind of athlete. We are very proud of her."
Also earning top-eight medals was Annika Dalager, who finished fourth in the 100 backstroke with a time of 1:04.37, and fifth in the 50 freestyle with a time of 25.97. 
"Annika moved up a place in the backstroke from this year to last and finished second day of sections with her personal best time.  We have a couple things to work on for next year with her technique, but she is really growing into an amazing athlete.  She is just a sophomore and everyone who beat her is older, this means that sometime in the next few years, if she continues to work as hard as she does, she will have a real chance at going to state in the 100 back.
Dalager's fifth place finish in the 50 freestyle at the section was a bit of a surprise. 
"She has always been a great freestyler, but we didn't expect her to place so well in this event," Spiten said. "She has really showed up in the freestyle this year.  She again got her best time in the 50 and could be our first swimmer in a long time to go to state in not just one, but two events. She has a bright future and we are really excited to see what she will do."
The Prowlers were also represented in the consolation championship in several events. Jenna Von Holtum swam to a fifth place finish in the 200 IM consolation race; Marley Nelson finished third in the 100 butterfly consolation race; and Raegan Espe finished second in the 100 freestyle consolation race. 
Section 8A results
• Team scores – 1. Bemidji 431; 2. Detroit Lakes 422; 3. Grand Rapids 283; 4. Park Rapids 223; 5. Fergus Falls 219; 6. Crookston 172; 7. Thief River Falls 120; 8. Perham/New York Mills 117; 9. Fosston/Bagley 78; 10. Warroad/Roseau/Greenbush-Middle River 68. 
• 200 Medley Relay – Winner: Detroit Lakes 1:152.34; 7. TRF (Raegan Espe, Marley Nelson, Molly Halsa, Annika Dalager) 2:00.68. 
• 200 Freestyle – Winner: Abby Yartz, Bemidji, 2:00.89; TRF Places: 17. Alanah Mac 2:16.88; 26. Isabella Ek 2:26.68; 27. Molly Halsa 2:28.27; 30. Dakota Klosterman 2:39.38. 
• 200 IM – Winner: Jennifer Tracy, Detroit Lakes, 2:14.09; TRF Places: 13. Jenna Von Holtum 2:32.68; 26. Paige Greene 2:47.19; 29. Camryn Schwab 2:52.07.
• 50 Freestyle – Winner: Paige Anderson, Bemidji, 24.87; TRF places: 5. Annika Dalager 25.97; 27. Jestina Leclaire 28.68; 32. Ashley Carlson 29.77; 33. Kinsey Anderson 29.82.
• 100 Butterfly – Winner: Jennifer Tracy, Detroit Lakes, 59.17; TRF places: 11. Marley Nelson 1:09.86; 17. Molly Halsa 1:13.56; 28. Paige Greene 1:23.54. 
• 100 Freestyle – Winner: Paige Anderson, Bemidji, 54:31; TRF places: 10. Raegan Espe 59.07; 25. Kendal Rantanen 1:03.24; 26. Alanah Mack 1:03.43; 30. Paige Ballard 1:06.94. 
• 500 Freestyle – Winner: Sydney Gulon, Detroit Lakes, 5:24.35; TRF places: 18. Jenna Von Holtum 6:21.66; 22. Isabella Ek 6:36.29; 25. Chloe Lundeen 7:23.44; 26. Dakota Klosterman 7:26.97. 
• 200 Freestyle relay – Winner: Bemidji 1:42.26;  7. TRF (Raegan Espe, Alanah Mack, Marley Nelson, Annika Dalager) 1:51.06. 
• 100 Backstroke – Winner: Kate MacGregor, Crookston, 1:00.93; TRF places: 4. Annika Dalager 1:04.37; 14. Jestina Leclaire 1:10.07; 27. Jaymin Klosterman 1:16.48. 
• 100 Breastroke – Winner: Sydney Gulon, Detroit Lakes, 1:08.56; TRF places: 3. Marley Nelson 1:10.60; 21. Maren Espe 1:22.29; 25. Camryn Schwab 1:27.26; 28. Kaitlyn Haegvold 1:30.48. 
• 400 Freestyle Relay – Winner: Detroit Lakes 3:42.85; 10. TRF (Paige Ballard, Kendal Rantanen, Jenna Von Holtum, Alanah Mack) 4:18.89.