TRF fourth grader honored for healthy snack recipe

Challenger Elementary School fourth grader Andy Dagg cut some cucumbers for his family’s Cucumber Dip recipe. Andy recently received some recognition with the recipe.

by April Scheinoha

    Generations of Andy Dagg’s family have made Cucumber Dip. Now, Andy has joined the ranks, and he has received some recognition with the recipe.
    The Thief River Falls resident has been named one of the 52 winners of the Minnesota Super Bowl Host Committee Super Snack Challenge. Andy, 9, was among hundreds of kids who entered the contest. Sponsored by Newman’s Own Foundation, the contest asked kids ages 8 to 14 to submit a recipe for a healthy game-day snack.
    As a winner, Andy has been invited to attend the Kids Tailgate Party, which will be held during the 10-day Super Bowl festival. Ten “All-Pro Chefs” have already been chosen and will be honored there Wednesday, Jan. 31 and make their recipes for celebrity chef judges. The Super Snack Challenge MVP will be chosen at that time. The MVP will receive $25,000 to donate to a charity of that person’s choice.
    Andy’s mom, Tamar, heard about the contest on the final day that contest submissions were being accepted. She suggested to Andy that he should enter the contest. “I just want to share that good snack with other people,” Andy said.
    The Challenger Elementary School fourth grader enjoys cooking. His parents, Jim and Tamar, began including him in their cooking adventures to improve his reading skills. They didn’t expect that Andy’s culinary explorations would lead to an award. “We were pretty excited that he got picked,” Tamar said.
    The Cucumber Dip recipe has been handed down through several generations of Tamar’s family. “It’s just so easy and simple to make,” she said.
    Tamar admits that the Cucumber Dip is an acquired taste for some people since it includes plain Greek yogurt. In fact, when Tamar initially made it, Andy wasn’t thrilled. Now, it’s his favorite. Little brother William, however, hasn’t yet acquired a taste for Cucumber Dip.
    It may be a few years before William enjoys the Cucumber Dip. In the meantime, Andy is content to make and eat his share of it.
                       CUCUMBER DIP
    A package of English cucumbers (about 6)
    2 lbs. low-fat plain Greek yogurt
    3 cloves of garlic mashed
    Salt to taste
    A pinch of ground mint (optional)
    Crackers (Triscuit Original works best for this dip)
    1. Peel and dice cucumbers
    2. Add yogurt, garlic, salt and mint (if desired)
    3. Mix everything evenly and serve with crackers