Pennington County Board accepts Rogalla’s resignation

by April Scheinoha

    The Pennington County Board accepted the resignation of County Attorney Al Rogalla at its meeting Wednesday, Dec. 27. His resignation is effective Jan. 15. Rogalla has accepted the position of Clearwater County attorney.
    “They needed a new commander, and my unit is pretty good and I think they can take a change,” Rogalla said at the County Board meeting.
    Rogalla has worked in the Pennington County Attorney’s Office for more than 27 years. He began working as an assistant county attorney in January 1990. He has served as the county attorney since 2006. The county also employs assistant county attorneys Kristin  Hanson and Steve Moeller.
    “We greatly appreciate his work for the past 28 years, Neil [Peterson] especially,” said County Board Chairperson Cody Hempel. Rogalla and Peterson, a county commissioner, kid each other at most County Board meetings.
    As part of a separate, related motion, commissioners approved advertising for the position of county attorney. Rogalla’s successor will serve the remainder of his term, which expires Dec. 31, 2018. That person will have an opportunity to file for the four-year seat during the November 2018 election.