Local resident attends Chronic Lyme Disease/Tick Borne Disease CDC Rally

Hundreds of chronic Lyme patients from across the U.S and Canada, along with family and friends, will gather outside the Center for Disease Control (CDC) on May 4 to demand justice, truth, and acknowledgment for those infected with “Chronic Lyme Disease.” In addition, a film crew will document the event.
Angela Castle of Thief River Falls will be among those at the rally in Atlanta, Ga.
Chronic Lyme Disease is not recognized by the CDC or the mainstream medical community because most Lyme patients do not meet the current case definition despite clinical symptoms and serologic evidence. Lyme disease does not discriminate against sex, race, age, or occupation. This diversity of sufferers will be seen at the rally.
  “Medical research fraud has led to the denial of this debilitating incurable disease we call ‘chronic neurological Lyme Disease,’ thus patients are left with little to no access to health care, inaccurate tests, no valid treatments, no insurance coverage, no disability insurance, and little funding for proper research. We are passing this infectious disease to our children. I know because I gave it to my son in utero, along with several tick-borne infections,” said Mirenda Campirano RN, registered nurse and Lyme Army organizer.
  CDC defines Lyme disease as little more than arthritis, yet the science shows it is far worse. According to the science there are two outcomes of Lyme; arthritis and a neurological outcome that can lead to death and is similar to AIDS and cancer combined.
According to the whistleblower for the failed LYMErix vaccine: “The case definition for Lyme disease was falsified in 1994, because in the early Lyme vaccine trials, the CDC discovered that the main ingredient in the vaccine – OspA caused Post sepsis disorder or the systemic disease we refer to as Chronic Neurological Lyme. The main ingredient of the vaccine – OspA or “outer surface protein A” is a fungal endotoxin and could never be a vaccine” (Former Pfizer Analytical Chemist).
The CDC officers at the time who held patents on the vaccine and test kits held a consensus conference in Dearborn, Michigan, where they changed the definition of Lyme Disease to the arthritic outcome only; by doing this, they made it look like their vaccine worked.
LYMErix was ultimately pulled off the market in 2002 after a class action lawsuit. This falsified case definition and laboratory pathology used to validate the LYMErix vaccine became the basis of federally approved guidelines for diagnosing Lyme Disease in the United States.
  This fraud has led to the denial of millions of patients with the neurological Lyme outcome around the world. In countries like France where universal healthcare is provided by the government, local healthcare authorities are beginning to point the finger at the United States Centers for Disease Control as the entity that has caused this egregious human rights violation. In the USA, Lyme patients’ lives are left in ruins as they have lost the ability to work, left homeless, and isolated by family, friends, and are ignored by the mainstream medical community.
  The Lyme Army and Worldwide Lyme Awareness and Assistance groups are both grassroots activist groups made up of people fighting back against medical research fraud that prevents Lyme patients from getting the help they rightly deserve.
“We are rallying at the CDC to demand a change in the case definition of Lyme Disease to include persistent chronic neurological outcomes,” said Campirano. “The United Nations accepts that Chronic Lyme disease should have its own ICD Diagnosis code, and so should the United States NCHS (National Center for Health Statistics).  Members of our advocacy group lobbied, unsuccessfully in our nation’s capital to have Oversight in Government send the 2-tier testing for Lyme Disease to the FDA for performance review. The ELISA and the Western Blot do not meet FDA criteria for a valid test. Why does the CDC perpetuate this fraud committed by past CDC directors? The test for Lyme isn’t flawed – it’s fraud!”
  Campriano said the world needs to know that the science provided to and approved by the FDA and CDC is based on provable research fraud, which must be investigated by the Department of Justice. Calling the Lyme disease debate a controversy diminishes the severe nature of this injustice. Lyme disease is a crime and a human rights violation. This discrimination against patients afflicted with the neurological outcome a/k/a Chronic Lyme Disease has left the devastation of millions of lives in its wake. Learn the truth about the Lyme Crimes at www.overcominglymedisease.com or visit The Lyme Army Facebook page and the Worldwide Lyme Awareness and Assistance Facebook page for more information.