School District implements transportation changes

Last spring, busing or transportation changes were reviewed by the Board of Education. Those changes are now set to take effect.
Starting the beginning of the 2018-19 school year the following changes have been set in place by the Transportation Department of School District 564, Thief River Falls:
Address and day care changes: Any changes in address or day care during the school year need to be made five days before bussing will start. Plan accordingly.
Please remember, a new day care form is required when switching to a new day care.
Pick up and drop locations: Each child will be allowed one primary and one secondary stop only. There will be exceptions for unique family situations.
Afternoon Changes in Transportation: All afternoon changes in transportation need to be called into the Transportation Office 218-681-7077. No notes, emails or phone calls to the bus driver, teacher or school will be accepted.
All afternoon transportation changes for a child need to be called in by no later than 1:30 p.m. Exceptions for emergency situations will be made.
Designated bus stops: Students will be picked up or dropped off at designated school bus stops only. No stops to a workplace, stores, parks or non-designated areas will be allowed.
Birthday parties and large gatherings: Transportation will no longer be available for birthday parties or any other large gatherings. Please arrange other transportation when planning such events.
Bus stops: Students must use their assigned buses and bus stops unless cleared through transportation.
Stand at bus stops off the street and in a straight line.
Trespassing or destruction of private property along the way or at the bus stop will not be tolerated. Such action is subject to a suspension of all bus privileges and criminal charges.
If a family lives in a rural area or the child is from a single family stop and the child or children are absent from riding three consecutive days in a row without notifying the Transportation Department, the bus will no longer stop at that location until it is notified from the parent.
School Bus: Riding a school bus is a privilege not a right and any student that does not follow the rules is subject to suspension.
Suckers or any food items on a stick are not allowed on a school bus. The stick is a poking hazard to other children, and the chances of a sucker or similar food being pushed or shoved into the throat greatly increases.
A bus driver has the right to not allow food or drink on the bus if they so choose.
Vaping in any form is the same as tobacco use. Loss of vaping device and a three-day suspension will be enforced.
Fellow motorists: It’s up to everyone to insure the safety of children going to and from school each day.
Please be mindful of children when they travel to and from school, whether it’s on a bus, riding a bike or walking.
Slow down, watch for children and obey all traffic signs.
Watch for periodic stops made by the school bus and never run through the flashing lights that are used while making a stop.
Patience with the school bus and the children in the community is one of the many ways to insure safety to our students.
Unsure about what the flashing lights mean?
The flashing alternating yellow lights on top of the bus mean that the bus is about to stop. This is not a time to speed up or try pass the bus. It is a time to prepare to stop with it.
The flashing alternating red lights on top of the bus and flashing stop arm mean stop. The fine for running the red lights is now $500 in the state of Minnesota.
Flashing simultaneously red or amber lights (flashers) located on the center section of the front/rear of the bus are used when approaching railroad tracks, emergency stops and curb drop stops. Please be cautious when these are in use.
Come join the team:  Thief River Fall’s public schools are currently looking for qualified drivers to join its team of professional drivers. Come visit and start a path to transporting tomorrow’s future today.
From everyone in Transportation, welcome back and have a safe and wonderful school year.